Renters Insurance in Alabama

Being a renter doesn't mean you shouldn't insure yourself the same way a homeowner would. Unfortunately, more than 40% of renters don't have insurance and risk losing all their possessions if some hazard hits their rental. At Surety Ins Inc., we want to get renters in Alabama to protect themselves.

When you are a renter, you don't have any protection if you don't have your own renters' insurance. The management company or your landlord does not have insurance to protect your possessions or liability coverage that protects you. You could lose everything if you aren't proactive in protecting yourself. Renters' insurance is inexpensive, and it provides several types of valuable protection.

Content coverage

You would probably be surprised to realize how much you have in the way of possessions. If your rental was destroyed, you could lose everything. Your clothes, furniture, appliances, decorations, ornaments, and electronics. Imagine trying to replace all of that at one time. That would cost a lot, and you would be paying.

Liability coverage

Liability insurance is all about protecting your assets. If someone is injured while visiting your rental, a family member, or even a four-legged one, you could find yourself paying medical expenses and even a judgment against you. That could wipe out your assets and even your future assets. It is hazardous to be without this coverage.

Loss of use

Have you ever considered what you would do and where you would live if your rental were damaged? Depending on the type of damage, you may be without a place to stay for a considerable time while repairs are being made. If you have renters' insurance, you will get help paying for a temporary place to stay.

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