Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Alabama

Suppose you own a boat or other watercraft and live in Alabama. In that case, we can offer you a wide variety of coverage options to keep your boat protected here at Surety Ins Inc. Our experienced agents will provide you with the necessary coverage depending on your situation.

Boat Insurance Requirements

The state of Alabama does not require you to obtain boat insurance. However, if you are involved in an accident, you could be held liable if the accident was your fault. Additionally, if you finance or lease your boat, the lender may require you to obtain insurance.

Boat Insurance Coverage

We offer different types of coverage options to protect your boat or other watercraft:

  • Physical damage coverage- This will protect your boat while being transported and in storage. It will protect your boat while out of the water and includes protection against fire, vandalism, theft, etc.
  • Liability coverage- In case of an accident with another boater or dock, this coverage will protect you.
  • Medical payments- This will cover medical costs for both you and your passengers if anyone is injured following an accident.
  • Personal liability- This will protect you and your family members following an accident that caused injuries to another individual.
  • Property damage- This will cover damage that occurs to another person's property that you caused while operating your watercraft.
  • Towing Assistance- If your boat breaks down while in the water, you may need additional assistance. This coverage will protect you.

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