Flood Insurance in Alabama

Rising waters in Alabama are an unfortunate situation that can affect both residential properties and commercial properties. In most cases, your standard insurance policies will not cover water damage that you experience, and you will be forced to pay out of pocket. With the addition of flood insurance from Surety Ins Inc., you can curb these costs and get the repairs you need in a timely fashion.

Can I Purchase Flood Insurance on Its Own?

When you purchase a flood insurance policy, it needs to be attached to a standard policy. It is added as a supplemental option for home, renters', condo, or commercial insurance.

Is Flood Insurance Required?

While the state of Alabama does not require flood insurance for property owners, you could be required to get it by your mortgage lender. If the property and structures you own are in a known flood zone, flood insurance may be a part of the contract. Even if it is not required, you can still opt into flood insurance for extra protection.

What Types of Natural Disasters Cause Flood Damage?

While Alabama has excellent weather, some events can cause excessive damage.

  • Hurricanes
  • Flash Flooding
  • Long-term rainstorms
  • Dams breaking

These are all events where too much water can collect in one place and cause significant flooding damage. Hurricanes can happen within the state since Alabama is on the coast. This can cause severe wind and flooding damage which can be thousands of repairs. Sometimes excessive rainstorms or flash flooding happens, and the water has nowhere to go but nearby structures.

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