Recreational Insurance in Alabama

Vehicles used for recreational purposes need the proper insurance coverage. This type of insurance coverage is often overlooked. Because these types of vehicles are not usually out on the roads, it may be easy to think having them properly covered is not essential. It is vital to have recreational vehicles adequately covered. At Surety Ins Inc., we make it our business to help educate Alabama residents on how to make the best insurance choices. Let's look at some vital information on this type of insurance product.

What Qualifies for Recreational Insurance?

When we talk about vehicles used for recreation, we refer to vehicles such as:

  • ATVs
  • Boats
  • Jet skis
  • Snowmobiles
  • Dune buggies
  • Golf carts
  • Other types
  • Campers

Vehicles used for recreation should not be confused with RVs, a type of automobile.

Why Do I Need Recreational Insurance?

A recreational insurance policy is an essential type of insurance product you will need to protect the investment you have made into the vehicle. If the vehicle is damaged, the repairs or replacement for it will come out of your pocket if there is no insurance policy.

Another important reason why you would want recreational insurance is for liability purposes.

Some recreational vehicles pose a threat to users. You could be liable for their medical bills if someone is injured while using or in your vehicle. If any type of legal action is taken against you, you would also be responsible for legal fees that might result. If you are required to pay these expenses out of pocket, it could leave you financially vulnerable.

An excellent recreational insurance policy, however, can help protect you from these expenses.

If you want to learn more about recreational insurance in Alabama or our other insurance products, don't hesitate to contact us at Surety Ins Inc. We will be happy to answer your questions today.

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