Condo Insurance in Alabama

Condos can be a popular and more affordable option when you want to break into the housing market. Depending on where you are looking, free-standing homes can be pretty expensive, keeping many people from being able to buy. If you don't want t worry about exterior work on your home, a condo is also a good choice. At Surety Ins Inc. in Alabama, we work for our customers and will place your needs first.

When insuring your condo, if you have a mortgage, you are required to have insurance, and some condo associations will also require that you insure your unit to protect your neighbors. The homeowner association has a master policy covering the exterior of the property and the common areas. Your condo insurance covers things inside the condo, but read your covenant carefully to find out how deep the master policy goes into the walls. There are several options, including walls-in, which covers the exterior framing and interior walls.

Property coverage

With your condo, this will include your interior walls and ceilings, installed cabinets, and fixtures. It consists of the bathrooms and the floors as well.

Content coverage

Content coverage is your moveable possessions. It includes clothes, furniture, electronics, decor, appliances, and more. Your possessions are covered both at home and when they travel away from home with you. Like home insurance, some categories have limits.

Liability coverage

This coverage protects you if someone is injured while visiting your condo or a family member away from home.

Loss of use

If your condo isn't habitable because of a covered peril, this insurance coverage will help pay for a place to stay in the interim.


Like home insurance, there are exclusions, including floods, owner neglect, and earth movement.


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